Mantsinen 300 HybriLift®

Mantsinen 300 is the largest hydraulic crane in the world. Mantsinen 300 is available with either a diesel engine or an electric motor. The undercarriage can be chosen and optimised according to the client’s needs. The options include undercarriages with tracks (300 R), rubber tyres (300 M), rails (300 ES) or a fixed platform. Mantsinen designs and manufactures its own attachments, thus optimised attachments can be offered for all kinds of uses and for any machine type.
Global Port Equipment offers material handlers and hydraulic mobile harbour cranes of Mantsinen from 50 ton size to machines of over 300 tons. Mantsinen HybriLift® machines make material handling economical and ecological. Please download here the brochure of Mantsinen 300 models and contact us for more information and prices.

Weight 320 – 380 t
Reach Max. 38 m
Diesel engine 515 or 565 kW
Electric motor 315 kW
HybriLift® Standard

Introducing of Mantsinen 300

Mantsinen 300 in action

Mantsinen 300 R (on tracks)

Mantsinen 300 M (on wheels)

Mantsinen 300 ES (on rails)