Global Port Equipment reachstackers used in tunnel reinforcement project

1 Maio 2019

A Panamanian/Spanish company has embarked on an inventive project to reinforce the tunnel of the large hydroelectric power plant in Changuinola, Panama, using reachstackers from Global Port Equipment (GPE), which is part of the Forkliftcenter Group.

The centrepiece of the project is a steel reinforcing mechanism, which weighs approximately 10 tonnes.

The company has specially designed a distinct attachment for this project, producing it in Spain.

The specific attachment, which is hydraulically controlled by electro valves and weighs two tonnes, is equipped with hydraulic cylinders to position the steel reinforcing mechanism at the tunnel construction.

The reachstackers supplied by GPE run two shifts a day, six days a week. To secure the availability of the machines, GPE installed a fully equipped mobile workshop with parts nearby in stock and permanently staffed by a technician.

Besides the steel reinforcing mechanism, the reachstackers are also bringing other heavy necessary building materials and components into the tunnel which is longer than 1 km.

GPE offers sales, rental, spare parts and maintenance and has branches in Europe and Latin America.

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