TC 621 Revolution Tracked Conveyor

The TC 621 Revolution is a track mounted fully mobile stockpiling conveyor with a centre mounted slew bearing that enables 360° rotation. With the ability to create parallel stockpiles and a radial stockpile from one fixed feed in point, the TC Revolution shows unrivalled mobility and greatly enhances stockpile capacities.

Key Features

  • Radial stockpile from one fixed feed in point
  • Create Parallel Stockpiles
  • Reduce fuel, labour and maintenance costs by up to 80%
  • Fuel consumption from 5 litres per hour
  • Telestack is the market leader in this range of equipment

Features & Benefits

  • 360 degree rotation tracks
  • Radial Stockpile from one fixed feed in point
  • Eliminate double handling of material with wheel loaders.
  • Fuel consumption from 5 litres per hour.
  • Stockpiling rates up to 600 tph.
  • Stockpiling 0 – 250mm (10 inch down) material.
  • Environmental Benefits – reduce noise, dust and emissions.
  • Safety Benefits – Less site traffic movements.
  • Stockpile heights up to 11 metres (36ft)
  • Single conical stockpile capacity up to 1,535 tonnes (1,690 ton)
  • 180° arc stockpile capacity up to 12,211 tonnes (13,460 ton)
  • Easily shipped on low loader or packed in 1 x 40ft container for shipping throughout the world


  • All Electric (Electric motor driven belt)
  • Radio remote control for all functions
  • Feed-boot extensions for feeding from range of equipment
  • Dust Suppression measures – Cover, water spray bars, chutes
  • Rubber skirting full length of conveyor to reduce spillage
  • Hardened Steel Liners
  • Overband Magnets
  • Water Cooled Engine
  • Belt Upgrades (Heavy Duty)/ Chevron
  • Hydraulic Tail Fold